Eat your health!  Food is the best form of medicine.

  • Learn how to make your favorite comfort meals with a healthy twist!
  • Enjoy what you eat—Satiate your taste buds and appetite through eating nutrient dense, fresh foods!
  • Practical information and easy steps regarding your current eating habits, with rewarding results.

What’s for dinner tonight?

  • Want to eat healthy but need some inspiration?  You tell me your favorite foods and I will craft a delicious and nutritious meal plan specifically for you.

Weekly meal plans— Make the most of your weekly trips to the supermarket and start saving today by planning out your meals.

  • Weekly meal plans are tailored to your lifestyle, family needs, appetites and dietary restrictions
  • Step by step instructions and shopping list
  • Includes 4 dinners, 4 breakfasts, 2 snacks, and 2 desserts
  • Includes ideas for left-overs so that nothing is wasted

Cooking demonstrations— Inspiration! Break routine cooking and learn easy ways to spice up your meals with unique combinations, herbs, spices, and seasonal produce.

  • Breakfast, dinner, desserts, and snacks for the kids

Nutritional consultation— Feeling tired, run down or wanting to loose weight? Through a fresh, whole food lifestyle and absolutely no calorie counting, get yourself back to optimal health.

Information on specific health topics— Learn about a specific nutritional subject or healthy living lifestyle and what achievable and affordable steps you can implement in your daily life.

  • Fatigue, depression, digestion, diabetes, children attention issues, weight gain, headaches
  • Will include a meal plan specifically tailored to boost your health

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