My Story


Welcome to ColorfulEats! My name is Caroline and I am a Navy wife to my amazing husband Stephen, and mom to an adorable puppy Liberty, Libby :) I grew up in southern California but am currently soaking up the Hawaiian sunshine in Pearl Harbor.

Eating can be fun, adventurous, delicious, and nutritious! Here you will find a collection of grain free and refined sugar free recipes that excite your taste buds. This lifestyle will leave you satisfied, give you energy, and limit the possibility of endless modern diseases.

In 2011, at the age of 20, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was miserable, helpless and barely able to walk a flight of stairs. Growing up, my mother provided healthy food for our family and we never ate sugar, soda, or processed foods. Yet, for some reason I was now suffering with a disease that plagues millions. I began searching for alternative ways to eat eventually removing all grains, carbohydrates, and sugar from my diet.

With this lifestyle change and the help of family, friends, a great nutritionist and changing my eating habits I became insulin free! As I know first hand the misery of being diabetic and the blood sugar roller coaster, I am passionate about sharing my story with others.

Eat your health!

Eating fresh foods as they are found in nature will nourish your body and health. Colorful fruits and vegetables, creamy cheese and butter, and fresh meat will satisfy and restore your daily life to optimal functioning.

These recipes are tasty and can be consumed without guilt to make you feel happy and healthy.



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