Saturday Morning Blueberry, Almond Flour Pancakes


There is nothing better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning and then making a breakfast feast!  Sleepy Saturday mornings call for eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, fresh orange juice and hot coffee.  Relaxing and enjoying breakfast together on the weekends is one of my favorite traditions.

I have been searching and experimenting for pancakes and waffles that are grain-free and of course husband proof!  Lets just say these are the new Potter family favorite!

Make sure to add lots of toppings such a butter, maple syrup, honey, fresh fruit, whipped cream or yogurt.  Because they are grain-free, these pancakes will soak up the liquid quickly.  You will never notice these pancakes are made with almond flour because they are still fluffy and so delicious!

I like to buy Bob’s Red Mill flour on Amazon or use Honeyville’s Natural Almond Flour.


Saturday Morning Pancakes JPEG


2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Blueberry, Almond Flour Pancakes

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