Roasted, Crispy Nuts


These roasted nuts make the perfect snack for the on-the-go lifestyle.  They are not only so simple and quick to make, but also delicious for all ages! Keeping these on hand in the cupboard will ensure you stay away from processed and sugar filled snacks.  Nuts are a fabulous source of protein and good omega fats.

Nuts are very low in carbohydrates and will not affect your blood sugar or cause you to crash in the late afternoon!  Consuming walnuts has been shown to reduce the need for insulin in diabetics, and pecans will aid your heart by decreasing inflammation in the arteries.

Soaking the nuts in salt water, then slowly dehydrating at a low temperature will provide you with nuts that are nutritious, cheaper than buying in the store, and leave you reaching for them all day long.

Soaked nuts and seeds will…

  • remove phytic acid, which blocks mineral absorption
  • neutralize digestive and enzyme inhibitors
  • promote good digestion
  • removes toxins prevalent in today’s farming practices

Nuts are delicious, but the packaged versions found in the supermarket are full of hydrogenated oils & salt and void of nutrients.  These “health” food nuts contain chemicals and are usually very expensive.  Through commercialized process of roasting, the nuts are heated at high temperatures and then saturated with cheep hydrogenated oils causing the beneficial oils found in nuts to rancidify and spoil.  Yes, we have been lead to believe that nuts, no matter how they are processed, are rich in good omega oils.  These modern processes leave our grocery shelves with brightly packaged nut clusters of chemicals.

*Raw nuts are safer then heavily roasted nuts but, on the other hand, very difficult to digest.

The processing of soaking is a method that has been around for years in many different civilizations.  The Aztecs soaked pumpkin and squash seeds in brine then let them dry in the sun before eating them.


1.) Place nuts and salt in a glass or metal bowl.  Cover with water until nuts are fully submerged.
2.) Roast or dehydrate nuts at 150 degrees. **If your oven does not go that low, roast at the lowest possible temperature and adjust cooking time.
3.) Occasionally turn/flip nuts with spatula so they do not burn.
4.) Enjoy!  Store in an airtight container, preferably glass.  Nuts are best kept in the refrigerator and will last 2-3 months.


Walnuts and pecans roasting for 24 hours in the oven on cookie sheets.

Soaked Nut Chart_JPEG

  • *Use 4 cups of raw nuts.
  • **Cashews need to be cooked at 200 degrees. Do not soak for any more than 6 hours!
  • For more information about properly preparing nuts and seeds, refer to Weston A Price Foundation or Nourishing Traditions cookbook.
  • Nuts should last 2-3 months in airtight containers (glass jars are preferable).  Best kept in refrigerator.

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